Each standard citytour will take approximately one hour from start to end (or 1,5 hours for the Grand Tour). At the finish near the Grote Markt you have travelled 22 to 35 kilometers. We drive you around in downtown Groningen and make a side step to region Paterswolde and Haren (Grand Tour). You will see all major touristic hotspots of our beautifull city and direct environment.

MartinitorenYou’ll see the Martinitoren from different viewpoints. It’s incredible how many clear views you have on this symbol of Groningen during the ride. The museum and central station area are also in our tour program. We can and will provide you with a lot of info of these architectual wonders.Sometimes we try to get your thougts in the bus by asking some unexpected questions. For example: “What do you think is inside the big yellow tower of the Groninger museum?”.

It’s true, Groningen as a city quite far from the shore has different harbours. Realy! We’ll pass them all: the Noorderhaven, the Zuiderhaven, the Oosterhaven and the Westerhaven (North, East, South, West harbours, however not all of them are filled up with water…). Before we drive by the immense Gasunie building and arrive at the village of Haren (Grand Tour) we will show you something special. It measures only 10 square centimeters but it’s world famous. Any guess?

Btw did you know the Gasunie building has a size from bottom to top of 87 meters? It’s only 10 meters less than the “Olle Grieze”. Any idea who / which / what is that? You’ll see and we will tell you the deep stories of that.

Gasunie building


And there will be more to discover. Wide landscapes and huge villa’s south of our city on the way to Haren village. Every giant house has a story. We can’t even tell you everything!

After returning at our bus stop near the Grote Markt we say goodbye to each other. If you want our guide will point you some spots in the near area of the bus. So you decide to chill out in a cafe, go shopping, eat pancakes, visit the market or…. you decide and you now know where to go. It feels good, knowing more of the city that you are visiting! Short city tours by Summer Holiday Bus in cooperation with Arriva Touring, at your service!